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Article Alert: Why Doing Your Homework Leads to More Sales

Interesting blog post. Take a look at:

Quote from post:
"If you’re not familiar with these books [books of lists], they’re published by the weekly business journals in many American cities. They list the top 20 firms in various fields, but truth be told, I wasn’t nominated for such an honor. I filled out the business journal’s information form, and, lo and behold, my studio appeared in the Book of Lists a few months later."
This article makes some short commentary about book of lists, and gives sales professionals a short treatise on how NOT to use contact data without first getting more background on the business they are contacting. This gives a rare glimpse at how the sales community views book of lists as leads from both sides of the equation (seller and prospect.) This is not the focus of the article, just a side benefit.

This also tallies up one (1) point for the "Sales Prospecting" option on the "What Do You Use Book of Lists For" Poll on the home page.