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Budapest, Hungary Book of Lists

The Budapest Business Journal releases its 2010 Book of Lists ...
Publication: Budapest Business Journal
Product: Book of Lists 2010
No. Records: 2,500

Formats: Print, CD-ROM

Price: Print (€95/copy) or CD (€249/copy).

The Budapest Business Journal in Budapest, Hungary, has just released it's 2010 Book of Lists. According to its Web site, the 2010 BOL is: 
Hungary’s unique business and industry guide is a thorough business information publication issued every year. The easy-to-handle publication presents the company data of the 2,500 largest companies in almost 100 fields. Ranking is based on companies’ relevant figures and the book includes management contact information and ownership structure.
You can purchase the Budapest Book of Lists in print (€95/copy) or on CD (€249/copy).

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