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Profile: Pennsylvania Book of Lists; PA Business Central

PA Business Central, one of several business journals in Pennsylvania, produces a yearly Book of Lists. 

Publication: PA Business Central
Product: Book of Lists 2010
No. Records:?? (I don't find this information available online)
Formats: Print, (I don't see any other format offered)
Price: I see only the print version, but I don't find a price given online. 
More info?

PA Business Central, is just about to release the print version of its 2010 Book of Lists. The business journal covers the following counties in Pennsylvania: Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Huntingdon, Indiana, Juniata, Lycoming, Mifflin, Northumberland, Snyder, Somerset, Union, and Westmoreland.

I don't see that there is a digital (Excel) version available for their book of lists. If you're looking for book of lists data in digital format, you might take a look at Central Penn Business Journal, which offers "pay-by-the-slice" downloads of the complete book of lists and individual lists in Excel format. 

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