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Alert: Backlash - When Lists Get Chopped from the Book of Lists ...

I have a pack of electric hounds. Every day I set them loose on the Internet to sniff out content relevant to Book of Lists, business journal ranked lists, and other topics related to the business publishing / data publishing niche.

This morning, my hounds dragged home fresh meat and dumped it on my porch step.

I won't say much to preface, except that the article below continues to confirm the impact of the business journal Book of Lists in any given market. The business community is watching. And when something happens, like a list gets canceled, the business community notices and responds. Sometimes violently.

The following article is an intense critique levied towards a local business journal. The trigger event for this critique was, according to the article, the fact that the business journal canceled its Web Development category of ranked lists from its Book of Lists. I found this to be an interesting and rare glimpse into the complex dynamic of business journals, their products, and their relationship with the local business community. Obviously this article showcases only one side of the issue, so keep that in mind.

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