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Sacramento Book of List Mention

In a story I read today in the business section of the Sacramento Bee, a daily newspaper, I found yet another reference to the Book of Lists. Again, it always surprises me to see the local daily referring to a product produced by a competitor, the local business journal. This speaks to how deeply the Book of Lists is embedded in local culture and commerce. It is a staple for those seeking jobs in any region, and that's the context for its mention here, in this article.

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Book of Lists gets a short mention within the article:
"I would suggest contacting architectural firms in Sacramento to ask about internship opportunities, either paid or non-paid. Even if you volunteer, you will gain experience to put on your résumé. An internship is a great way to get your foot in the door. The Book of Lists, published by the Sacramento Business Journal, provides a list of the region's top 25 architectural firms. The list provides a description, a notable project during the year and contact information for each firm. It can be found at most libraries or at a Sacramento Works Career Center."
 --Sacramento Bee, "Expert Advice: Job Hunters Hard At Work, Even During Holidays," Terri Carpenter
That's yet another vote for "job searching" as the most widespread use of Book of Lists data.