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BOL Research: PA Business Central Collecting Data

PA Business Central is collecting data for its 2011 Book of Lists.  See more info here:

PA Business Central (PBC) collects data through a variety of means; it appears that PBC asks participants to check the printed Book of Lists, and then inform PBC via e-mail if there are any changes or corrections for the yearly update. For new companies that haven't appeared on the lists, they ask company contacts to send a survey request, to which PBC then responds with a faxed or e-mailed survey form.

It also sounds like the PBC Book of Lists project is a fairly grueling endeavor, which is the case in most markets. In PBC's own words:

"As you might expect, this issue is heavily labor intensive and requires careful collection, input and editing of a large number of facts, figures, numbers and names."
Book of Lists is a valuable resource in any market. I salute PBC for its investment in the time and labor required to produce this data rich compilation of company information.