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Alert: West Virginia Book of Lists

West Virginia finally has a book of lists. The State Journal, a West VA based business publication, has released a digital book of lists, containing over 26 industry rankings, contact lists, and research raw data files. You can download individual data files, or download the West Virginia Sourcebook, a book of lists containing all of The State Journal's individual lists for a reduced price.

Books of lists make excellent sales leads lists because of the current and accurate contact information they provide. Picture this; a local publisher in West Virginia is going to be able to collect a different quality of information from businesses in its market than a large-scale database provider whose focus is nation-wide. In addition to this, book of lists lends itself to enhanced sales opportunities, capitalizing on the fact that companies contained in a ranked list have been recognized as a top performer among their peers by the prestigious local news organization in their market. Congratulations are in order, and creative sales approaches can spring from this context. Finally, book of lists also gives a snapshot of successful businesses you would want to do business with, as opposed to a lead list with little ability to help you distinguish a steadfast company from a flash-in-the-pants organization with no staying power.

Use the book of lists. Don't just find companies ... find out about them.