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Article Alert: American Writers and Artists Article Mentions BOL

There's an article on the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) Web site about finding job prospects and forming strategic partnerships. The article, entitled "Skyrocket Your Web-Writing Career" mentions Book of Lists as one step in a six step system of contacting prospective partners. The article reads:

"Get a copy of the “Book of Lists.” Go to your local library and ask the resource desk for a copy of the “Book of Lists.”

Published by the Business Journal, “the list” contains the top companies for a variety of business categories in your area, including Web Design.

Being the highest earners and the most reputable in most cases, means they’ll understand what you do, have a bigger list of clients, and most likely pay you better, too."

This mention of such a logical use of the Book of Lists, as a way to find successful companies you want to work for or partner with, is further confirmation that one of the target audiences for Book of Lists is the job seeking public.